Worked: University of Michigan health system, labor, and delivery

Format: Kindle Edition

Lory has written this book straight from her heart to go straight to the hearts of those wanting to heal from any type of eating disorder and for those people who want to understand and come alongside and assist someone in their journey. I believe it can be a great benefit for addictions as well! Her writing is encouraging, honest, hopeful and compassionate. Her story is inspirational and shows that we are not islands but how the loving kindness of another can bring even more healing. How does one come alongside another? Read how her beloved friend walked through with her! In this book, she reaches out to all those in need with hope and offers exersizes/exploring questions to either begin the healing journey or enhance one that has already begun. I decided to do the exercises/questions and they were thought provoking and most importantly TRANSFORMATIONAL leading to stronger understanding and more peace on my own healing journey. The recipes are great and fun- and a testament to the hope and freedom that awaits you and your loved one just as Lory found freedom.
If you or someone in your life is struggling with anorexia or eating disorders, I think this is an excellent book to get for them or yourself.
The heartfelt words, love, care, and advice from one who has been there touching deeply the hearts of those presently struggling. Let Lory fill you with hope and guide you onward in healing as you read Victory Smells Like Chocolate.


What an authentic, powerful, profound complete story of love and victory. Enmeshed with true Spirit filled Biblical teaching and love that can overcome the powerful devastation of anorexia nervosa. I love how the story is mixed with the recipes (that were saved for such a time as this) and the inspiring words of love as “Mama weighs in”! A book with the sweet smell of victory for all those who are struggling with shame and self hate in bondage to this destructive disease.

Dr. Sharon Burke
Pastoral Christian Counselor and Chaplain
The Bradenton, FL Bridge Community Transition Center.

What a great and needed book! I learnt so much about the face of anorexia and the true
causes. Thank you. This book will serve to help and heal many! I truly loved the book, and it’s layout is great! I am so excited for this to get out.

Joanne Hoehne
Lead Pastor
The Source
Bradenton, FL

What a great read. Very thought provoking and tearful with such truth spoken. A book full of freedom! The Mama Weighs In pages are great! I love pages 65-67 where she describes her husband and what he did for her that brought such healing! I love the questions and suggestions and examples at the end of the book. Very practical.

Kristen Ross | Regional Director of Marriage Programs
Regional Office – Sarasota p: 941.827.0500 f: 850.893.0932
Kristen@livethelife.org | http://www.livethelife.org/sarasota/ | facebook |

1 part cookbook
1 part testimony
Full of hope, encouragement and chocolate. Mama Linda and Lory share a story of brokenness but also one of God’s redemptive power to make all things new. To set captives free.
Theirs are voices shining light into dark places. Beacons of hope. For other Anas. For anyone who feels unworthy, unloved, damaged beyond repair. Here’s to seeing people restored, to restory – ing lives. That which the enemy intended for harm… but God.

Cara Scanlan
Mother and Recovering Broken heart
Madison, WI


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