About Lory


Hi!! I am Lory, Co-Author and expert Anorexic…I think anyone who has specialized in something for more than 3 decades should certainly be called expert!

Let me begin by telling you Anorexia begins as a coping skill. (I use the word skill loosely here!) Anorexia offered me a way to gain a small bit of power when I had none. I made myself a promise and a vow and I tried to die keeping it.

I don’t believe one decides to become Anorexic. One decides to take control, one decides to disappear, one decides they are worthless and starvation becomes the affirmation to those self loathing decisions.

Anorexia is actually not just a fixation on weight. The weight is just a gauge of success. Anorexia is the eventual loss of choice to eat or not eat. Consider Anorexia the thief of nourishing self.



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