Upset dis-ease, feed the right dog


Dis-ease really is the upset of serenity. Peace stolen by chaos, real or imagined. We surrender sanity by focusing on the chaos in our minds.

My dad used to tell a story of two dogs. These dogs were bred for fighting (set aside the pc idea for sake of argument here) Each dog was in top shape. Equal weight. Equal stature. Of the same litter. The stand out difference was one dog won every fight, the other dog won none. What was the difference between them? Which dog won? The answer: the dog that got fed most. 

What we feed wins. What we feed thrives and grows. What we give our attention to grows. It occupies real estate in our brains. It takes up actual space in our brains. So consider which dog you are feeding? Feed the dog you want to win!!

Feed the dog of hope by planning your future no matter what stage of life you are in. Feed peace by choosing let the little things go. Most things are of no weight five years from now, don’t give them brain real estate now. Choose to think on things that are of good report, things that are noteworthy, praise worthy and true. Think on these things, on purpose and change your brain and your life.

Celebrate life in dessert,


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