Making allies out of enemies?


Serious duress can make you consider making an ally out of enemies.
When my daughter died in January, I went home and began our new normal, grief. DEEP, deep agony is like wearing a lead coat. It is hard to bear the weight of it. It is impossible to see what’s underneath it. And it offers some sense of being hidden. It is hard to eat when you every breath is a labor. So you just don’t shower, it is too much work. Getting dressed, optional. Cleaning? Impossible and uninteresting! Worship? Like air it was/is what I demanded of myself. China-Place-SettingIt is the only response I could think of that matched our need! And as the old pangs of hunger visited to remind me how effective they are to manage pain, they reminded me how free I had become. I ate. I ate what I wanted so I restricted my diet to only yummy things. I ate sitting down, I ate without silverware, I dessert FIRST, I ate meals and snacks with abandon. I didn’t stuff myself I nourished myself because without that, I can’t worship. Without Worship I can’t breathe, or live or love again. What causes you to overcome? What demands do you put on yourself? On your faith? On God? to meet you at your point of pain? He PROMISED to set a table for you in the presence of your enemies!!! I think your pain is the table, your worship is place setting and the King is already in attendance! Ps.23


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