Measure Up


This book and curriculum have been created to celebrate Victory over Anorexia! We still believe in HAPPILY EVER AFTER and we wanted to tell you why! I was a practicing Anorexic for decades and have now lived free from it’s life sucking effects for a dozen plus years! 

We have co-authored a book, Victory Smells Like Chocolate to share my story, the “set up” that led to Anorexia, expose the secrets that trap Eating Disorder recruits and celebrate life without it! This is a book filled with my story, Mama Linda’s reaction to the secrets and self torture, my very favorite dessert recipes (cuz I thought an Anorexic with a great collection of dessert recipes was just funny!) And a study section for further reflection. Eating dessert everyday is how I celebrate my freedom, EVERYDAY. 

My co-author, Mama Linda walked along side me, helping me “Measure”  what should be normal, what would be kindness to myself, what freedom should look like, pointing out the ways I still lived to prove I hated me. This vital “Measuring” was so instrumental in my own freedom, we wanted to share that dynamic. So we created this book and curriculum to walk through ideas that keep you stuck and space and ideas to help you journal your way to get to the heart of the matter.    

I know the evil whispers and how easy it is be recruited. I remember no longer having a choice to eat or not to eat, I just couldn’t eat. That isn’t freedom, it is slavery! I want to help others to begin to heal and find hope.

When I looked for a healthy voice concerning this monster, Anorexia I could find none. The voices made famous by this ED are dead, Isabella Caro for example. I was appalled at the lack of happy ED recruits AFTER they kicked the life sucking monster out of their life! So I offer you my story. I wrote a book to sound an alarm, “there is life happily ever after!” and we still believe it.  I know the struggle, the haunting and how to celebrate my freedom!! Our book and curriculum offer a vehicle to initiate a journey toward happily ever after.

Eat Dessert EVERYDAY!!

Talk to me, Lory


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