Measure UP:


Nearly thirty-five years ago when Anorexia whispered to me, I didn’t have access to the internet to share the starvation secrets being shared today but I can tell you that the whispers were the exactly same.  “Just a few pounds more, then it’ll be perfect.”

I was never sure what would be perfect or how a few more pounds would actually get me there but I bought the idea. Until I couldn’t choose anymore. I couldn’t choose to eat or not eat any longer. I had no capacity for food. My body thought a few kernels of corn and a grape was a meal.

“Weighing In” is a place not to compare starvation techniques but to find a place to trade them in. Anorexia works by rules. It works in secret. It works by hatred, self hatred. Silence won’t change any of those things but a conversation might.

A conversation started my journey to living healthy! Hearing myself have to defend the rules that Anorexia set up and I followed made me realize what those rules were costing me. I had people that listened. Those listeners helped me live!

If you  brave enough to believe that there may be abundant life AFTER Anorexia, start talking.

I see lots of places online to help you keep starving, the “how to” places of Thinspo and others but I don’t see a place to change it. If you started “trying” to starve and find now you can’t stop, I think we can help. If you want to live without Anorexia, I think this is a good place to start.

Now the disclaimer: This is a blog. While I live healthy now and I know this monster, Anorexia, intimately, I am not a medical Doctor, any conversation here isn’t designed or intended to replace medical attention, see a doctor concerning all your symptoms! Just keep talking to us or someone healthy in addition to your doctor until you get free!

Talk to us! We ARE listening!

Measure Up and Weigh In

Measure Up and Weigh In


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