The Voice of Anorexia


Poem to uncover the secret weapons of Anorexia:

If Anorexia had a voice, I imagine it would be a raspy, deep and damaged, grumpy voice that would beliligerently annouce:

I am a silent, successful serial killer but I am rarely caught.

I have murdered many but have never done the time for the crime.

I start a fight I can not finish alone so I recruit the aching to do all the work for me.

When I suffer-I thrive. When the recruits go without, I gain.

I am only famous when I am ignored.

I am only satisfied in deprivation.

I never start the war but I recruit and train experts to defend and shelter me to the death.

I thrive in secret and streal every voice.

I am self-loathing and I love it.

Invisible is my ultimate goal, my magnificient promise and my desperate need!

Together we strive as valiant and brave, my recruit and I! I must stay invisible and my recruit must die to get there.


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